HAWYNG Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, at the beginning of establishment, the company mainly focused on OEM customers for dyeing. Since then it has been promoted to a color center of providing accurate color management concept for the industry.

HAWYNG has more than 20 years of service experience, to customers all around, with enrich experience, expertise, sophisticated technology and international-class quality. Our products are widely praised by the industry with a most trusted reputation. Our products are numerous, we have perfect manufacturing equipment, sophisticated testing instruments and strict quality control, and we can produce various colored masterbatches and plastic masterbatches in accordance with the customer's needs of plastic raw materials, and we provide products of raw materials characteristics and needs of customers which are most suitable for helping them improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Company purpose

Insisting on providing customers with high-quality products, providing comprehensive, professional and efficient customized services for our customer's needs, we hope to become the best enterprise in the industry.


The company has established strict quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, we are full-time in the production of pure colored masterbatches and plastic masterbatches, and those can be applied in a wide range of industries, including 3C merchandise, machine tools, wires and cables, sports equipment, utensils, furniture, cosmetics packaging containers, children's toys, bags and other kinds of plastics, rubber, leather, fiber and other industries. In addition to the basic colors, we also customize based on customer's demand to tailor the specific colored pigments, masterbatches and various types of plastic masterbatches.


The company upholds the purpose of "customers are the focus, quality is the brand.", we will be more excellent in the future to conduct technical and product development continuously, and create a win-win situation with our domestic and foreign friends with professional knowledge, years of extensive experience, the most honest service and products in accordance with international specification standards.